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Mold Removal in Chicago by Green Point Environmental

Why Risk your family to Mycosis, hypersensitivity, respiratory problems and Mycotoxins. It’s time to make a stand against Molds in your homes. Building materials are always susceptible to mold infestation because it is mostly exposed to moisture. You don’t have to worry! We are the best Mold Removal company in Chicago, and we are just a call away.

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Mold Removal Service Moisture problems occur and mold growth results.
How We Work

With a highly trained IICRC staff that worked on different adverse mold removal in Chicago. We have already developed a system that actually works. There are only three processes to follow:



3. Mold Remediation

AssesmentDetermining the amount of molds present in your homes is essential. It is vital to see the mold infestation growing in corners, roof tops or floor tiles for immediate remediation.

Sampling- – Determining the amount of mold spore concentrations that had been roaming in the air. It is also important to determine the number of toxic and species found in the molds.

Mold Remediationthe used of non-toxic protection is an SOP for us. We assure a 100 percent safe and worry free cleaning up process.

Our well-trained and dedicated staff can handle all adverse and meticulous mold removal problems even on complicated ones that have been growing on Chicago homes. We are an expert when it comes to handling mold removal in all sorts of sizes. Call us and learn more about us… 773-741-5858.