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Why Risk your family to Mycosis, hypersensitivity, respiratory problems and Mycotoxins. It’s time to make a stand against Molds in your homes. Building materials are always susceptible to mold infestation because it is mostly exposed to moisture. You don’t have to worry! We are the best Mold Removal company in Chicago, and we are just a call away.

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Mold Removal Service Moisture problems occur and mold growth results.

A brief discussion about Molds and Removing Molds in your Homes

Unlike Asbestos or other health risk substances, Molds are part of our natural environment. You can’t stop them from popping out on your houses. However, you can prevent them from spreading out and causing danger to your family.

Molds play a vital part in breaking organic matter in the cycle of life. However, it is essential outside of our homes not inside of it.

When you see a mold it is important to take note and handle it cautiously. Molds are not necessarily a problem indoors, unless its spore land on a wet spot and begin growing. The potential health problems

Are the following:


Molds release some tiny substance that can cause allergies, especially to people who are hypersensitive.

Symptoms may differ from skin rashes, red eyes, sneezing and running nose.


Prolong mold exposure can cause irritation on eyes, nose, skin, throat and lungs.


Molds releases toxins and these toxins can enter the blood stream as they inhibit protein synthesis, damage macrophage systems. It inhibits particle clearance of the lung, and increase sensitivity to bacterial endotoxin.

While there are a number of “how to” instructional videos and articles in the internet involvingremoving of molds. There are still a lot of reservations and extra precautions in dealing with a health risk substance. This is where Green Point Environmental handles that risky and meticulous job.

It is to our outmost priority to keep your family always safe. We only use proven safe and above quality standards equipment. All our personnel’s are hand-picked for experience and competency.

We always see to it that we don’t just solve the problem but go into the root of the problem and stop the growing molds inside your houses.

Why do something on your own and risking your health, when we can do the detailed removing of molds. While you sit and relax at a very reasonable price… Call us now and set up an appointment. It’s not too late…  773-741-5858 .